Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures 
Review the information below for important policies and procedures for both the Cockrell School of Engineering and the ECE Undergraduate program. Please also review our FAQs and Forms pages for further information.

Student Responsibilities

As required by the Cockrell School of Engineering, each student must be informed about all pertinent rules and regulations and must abide by them at all times. Advisors are available to assist students, but the ultimate responsibility for being informed rests with the student. Please review the Academic Policies and Procedures that apply to engineering students.

Degree Planning & Degree Audit Reviews

ECE students are highly encouraged to meet with an ECE Undergraduate Advisor approximately one year before graduating for further review of their degree audits to ensure they are on track to graduate. Please schedule an appointment with an ECE advisor in order to review your degree audit.

Students are encouraged to review their degree audits on a regular basis through IDA (Interactive Degree Audit System)

View Degree Requirements

Course Substitution Procedures

Occasionally, a student may need to complete an technical core elective course that has not been pre-approved by the School of Engineering or the ECE department. Technical Core Course Substitution forms are available in the ECE Undergraduate Office. For all course substitutions, students are required to visit with their assigned faculty mentor. Once they meet with the faculty mentor, they return the signed form to the ECE Undergraduate Office. Upon submission, an advisor will then send a secure email to the student of approval or denial of the requested course substitution.

Students are highly encouraged to meet with their faculty mentor for further assistance on elective course recommendations.

To revise course choices for Academic Enrichment, students must re-submit the Academic Enrichment application (available online) to include the requested courses to be updated. Applications are reviewed by the ECE Faculty Advisor for approval. 

Prerequisite Course Requirements

The ECE department strictly enforces prerequisite/co-requisite requirements; therefore, students are responsible for understanding and meeting all EE prerequisite/co-requisite course requirements. Students who do not meet the prerequisite for a course will be notified by SAN (Secure Academic Note) that they are lacking the prerequisite before being dropped, no later than the 4th class day of the semester. Advisors cannot waive a prerequisite for a class. The curriculum is designed to prepare you for advanced course work so you will be successful in those courses.

Technical Core Selections

Students are expected to have selected their primary and secondary technical cores by the time they have completed EE 312 and EE 313. Technical core selections are submitted online on the Technical Cores page. Once you submit your selections, you will be assigned a faculty mentor for guidance about courses and career goals. You are encouraged to meet with your faculty mentor as soon as they are assigned to you. 


tep 1: Submit your two technical core selections online. Students are expected to select their technical cores by the time they have completed EE 312 and EE 313.

Technical Core Selections Form(link is external)  (Use this form if you have NOT already submitted your selections)
Technical Core Change Form(link is external) (Use this form to change your technical core selections)

You will receive a Secure Academic Note (SAN) confirming your technical core selections and assigning you a Faculty Mentor. You have the option to change your Faculty Mentor at any time - please notify the advising office. 
You are given the option to change your technical cores until your last semester of enrollment. If you decide to change your technical core selections, please use the Technical Core Change Form(link is external)and redo the steps on this page. 

Note: Technical core selections will no longer be submitted via email.  

Step 2: Meet with your Faculty Mentor.  It is recommended to meet with your Faculty Mentor for advice on technical core courses, research interests, graduate school options, and career goals. 

Use this worksheet to support your discussions with your faculty mentor:   Tech Core ABET Advising Worksheet 
If you have selected Data Science, complete this form with your Faculty Mentor and return it to the ECE Undergraduate Office so that your degree audit can be updated with your technical core courses:             Data Science and Information Processing Form 

Step 3: Complete the Academic Enrichment application. If choosing Academic Enrichment (AE) as your secondary technical core, please review guidelines and submit application on the Academic Enrichment website.

Registration Guidelines

The ECE Undergraduate Office is available to assist students with registration and course scheduling questions.

During the first 12 class days, the ECE department does NOT late add students into coursework (after the 4th class day), but can assist with schedule questions.


Secure Academic Notes (SAN's) and Emails are the ECE department's primary means of formal communication with students; therefore, it is the student's responsibility to keep his/her email information up-to-date at all times and to thoroughly review all incoming emails.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 is a federal law that pertains to the release of and access to educational records. The law, also known as the Buckley Amendment, applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the US Department of Education. Click here(link is external) to learn more.

Repetition of a Course and Appeals Process 

As noted on the School of Engineering's website, an undergraduate in the Cockrell School of Engineering may not enroll in any course required in his or her engineering degree plan more than once without written consent of an adviser in his or her department.

Enrolled is defined as the student was enrolled in the course as of the 12th class day (4th class day of a summer term). If the student Q-drops or withdraws after the 12th class day, the student is considered to have been enrolled. Unless there are rare and unusual circumstances that can be documented, it is not likely that an engineering student will be permitted to repeat a course more than once.

If a student fails to secure written consent to repeat a course and enrolls in the course, his or her registration may be deleted. If the student is denied approval to repeat a required course, then she or he will be placed in the undeclared major code and must consider other degree options. If a student is denied approval to repeat a course, repeating the course at another institution in anticipation of satisfying a degree requirement will not be permitted.

ECE students are highly encouraged to meet with the Undergraduate Advisors, for a follow-up advising session.Please note that students are required to obtain a C or better letter grade in all basic sequence courses, as well as, any course that is a prerequisite to another EE course.
For more information on the School of Engineering's course repeat policy, and to access the appeal application form, visit the Policies Section of the CSE website.
Major Sequence Appeals - Over 7 hours remaining in basic sequence coursework.

On occasion, an ECE student who has over 7 credit hours remaining in basic sequence and has met all other basic sequence/electives requirements may need approval to take major sequence courses in conjunction with the three remaining basic sequence courses. In these situations, it is recommended that the student apply for major sequence status and submit an appeal through the School of Engineering. The appeal is further reviewed by the ECE Department Appeals Committee; and, if approved, the student will be allowed to take a major sequence course(s), along with all remaining basic sequence and elective course requirements.

Please contact the ECE Undergraduate Program Coordinator with further questions.