Registration & Prerequisites

I’m a Non-EE student interested in taking an EE course. What courses are available for me to take?

EE 302 and EE 306 are available to Non-EE students ONLY during the Spring semesters, according to seat availability and students meeting the prerequisite. Please visit with the ECE Undergraduate Office (Anna Hiss Gym) on the 2nd class day of the semester. The advisors will begin adding students into open courses at 8 a.m. (first-come, first-served basis). 

EE 333T is available to other UT Engineering majors during BOTH the Fall & Spring semesters, according to seat availability and students meeting the prerequisite of E 316. 

It’s the 1st week of class and I have a few general questions about my degree audit and technical core electives. Should I make an appointment to see an advisor?

During the first class days of each semeester, the advisors are busy assisting students with course registration. Please make an appointment with an advisor to review your degree audit after the 12th class day.  If you have questions about what technical core electives to take, please schedule an appointment with your faculty mentor during their office hours.

I want to take a class that I don’t have the prerequisite for. Can an advisor or the faculty advisor waive the prerequisite for me so I can take the class and graduate on time?

No. Advisors cannot waive a prerequisite for a class; the ECE department strictly enforces prerequisites.  The curriculum is designed to prepare you for advanced course work so you will be successful in those courses.

Will I get dropped from a course if I do not meet the prerequisite?

Yes. Students who do not meet the prerequisite for a course will be notified by SAN (Secure Academic Note) that they are lacking the prerequisite before being dropped, no later than the 4th class day of the semester.

If a class is full, can I get an instructor’s note to be added to the class?

No. The ECE department does not accept instructor notes. Students are advised to place themselves on the waitlist for the class for the best opportunity of being added. Please plan for back-up courses to take in case you cannot get into a specific course. 

How does a waitlist work and does every department have them?

During registration, if a registered student drops a class, a student on the waitlist will be added to the class. On a daily basis, the system fills as many leftover seats as possible. It should happen instantaneously. There’s not an overnight processing but it can take an hour or two specially if there’s a blockage (i.e. someone blocking the waitlist because of a waitlist error they need to correct).

Not every department utilizes the online waitlist system.  It is up to the department to choose if they would like to provide this service to their students.  Some departments choose to have in-person wait lists for non-majors to take their courses; please see individual departments for specifics. 

I was #1 on the waitlist but was never added after the 4th class day even though the course shows as open. Can you add me to the class after the 4th class date?

A student on a waitlist is not guaranteed registration for the course; further, advisors cannot add you to a course manually after 4th class day. Students who block wait lists and do not fix the issue after multiple warning messages will be dropped from wait lists.

After 5pm on the 4th class day all waitlists are shut off and no students will be added to courses. Even if a course says open on 5th class day, the ECE advising department will not late add students.

If there is an extreme circumstance, such as being below 12 hours of coursework, please come to the ECE Undergraduate Office (Anna Hiss Gym) as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Can an advisor add me to a waitlist?

No.  Advisors do not have authorization to add students to waitlists. Students must add themselves.

What does it mean when a class says closed and other sections of the course say waitlisted?

If certain sections of a class state “Closed” on the course schedule, that means that those particular sections have a full waitlist and no one else can be added to the waitlist or course.

If the other sections of the class state ”Waitlisted,” then there are still slots for students to add themselves to the waitlist.

What should I do if my primary and secondary technical cores both contain the same course requirements?

If required courses in your primary and secondary technical cores overlap, review the list of technical core electives for your secondary core. You may choose an elective from the list to replace with the course that overlaps with your primary core, to be applied towads your secondary core course requirements.

Remember you must have eight courses in your primary and four in your secondary - no “double dipping”!

Can I take classes at Austin Community College and UT at the same time? 

You should not be concurrently registered at both UT and another college or university. On occasion, it may be the only realistic way you can complete a given course and exceptions may be made. You must first receive prior approval through Engineering Student Services in order for the courses to be countable toward your ECE degree program, by applying here

Concurrent enrollment is not permitted during the semester in which you expect to graduate and it is highly recommended that you first meet with an advisor or visit the ATE (Automated Transfer Equivalency) website here to ensure course transferability to UT.