Repetition of a Course and Appeals Process

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As noted on the School of Engineering's website, an undergraduate in the Cockrell School of Engineering may not enroll in any course required in his or her engineering degree plan more than once without written consent of an adviser in his or her department.

Enrolled is defined as the student was enrolled in the course as of the 12th class day (4th class day of a summer term). If the student Q-drops or withdraws after the 12th class day, the student is considered to have been enrolled. Unless there are rare and unusual circumstances that can be documented, it is not likely that an engineering student will be permitted to repeat a course more than once.

If a student fails to secure written consent to repeat a course and enrolls in the course, his or her registration may be deleted. If the student is denied approval to repeat a required course, then she or he will be placed in the undeclared major code and must consider other degree options. If a student is denied approval to repeat a course, repeating the course at another institution in anticipation of satisfying a degree requirement will not be permitted.

  • ECE students are highly encouraged to meet with the Undergraduate Advisors, for a follow-up advising session. Please note that students are required to obtain a C or better letter grade in all basic sequence courses, as well as, any course that is a prerequisite to another EE course.
  • For more information on the School of Engineering's course repeat policy, and to access the appeal application form, visit the Policies Section of the CSE website.
  • Major Sequence Appeals - Over 7 hours remaining in basic sequence coursework.
    • On occasion, an ECE student who has over 7 credit hours remaining in basic sequence and has met all other basic sequence/electives requirements may need approval to take major sequence courses in conjunction with the three remaining basic sequence courses. In these situations, it is recommended that the student apply for major sequence status and submit an appeal through the School of Engineering. The appeal is further reviewed by the ECE Department Appeals Committee; and, if approved, the student will be allowed to take a major sequence course(s), along with all remaining basic sequence and elective course requirements.
Please contact the ECE Undergraduate Program Coordinator with further questions.