Senior Design Projects

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The UT ECE Senior Design Projects provide a unique and supportive environment for industry to work with faculty on senior classroom projects. This mutually beneficial partnership supports academic excellence by ensuring the presence of a top ten ranked department, supporting UT ECE’s educational mission, and by creating an environment where students can learn from a practical application of learning to real world problems; supports industry needs to present their problems as well as develop strong relationships with students and faculty; and supports the department in providing a robust and practical curriculum with industry expertise, equipment, and funding.

Upper division undergraduate students in UT ECE complete a required capstone design course sequence. In the courses, students solve open-ended problems submitted by industrial collaborators. Students work in small groups over two semesters to identify an opportunity, define the problem, analyze competing needs and requirements, perform prior art and patent searches, develop alternative designs, carry out cost analyses, and select and implement a design solution.

Learn more about industry collaboration opportunities with the UT ECE senior design program.