Spring 2012 Senior Design Projects

UT ECE congratulates the students, faculty and industry collaborators on the successful completion of the EE 464 coursework and projects. Awards for the Senior Design Contest were presented by Dr. Gary Hallock on April 26th, 2012 during the Spring Senior Design Open House.

UT ECE is deeply appreciative of our industrial collaborators, whose expertise and support makes these projects successful and meaningful.

View photos of the winners and event on Flickr.

First Place: Guide to Robot for the Visually-Impaired
Team members: Stephen Hall, Ali Unwala, Razik Ahmed, Thomas Brezinski, Zachary Lalanne

Second Place: Augmented Reality Application for Android Phone, sponsored by Qualcomm
Team members: Pedro Feitosa, Diego Vargas, Zak Soch, Edgardo Handal, Mathew Gee

Third Place: Augmented Reality Human Anatomy Model, sponsored by Qualcomm
Team members: Alim Maredia, Felipe Reyna, Herschel Kulkarni, Marcus Bennett, Sam Oyetunji

Fourth Place: GPS Tracking System, sponsored by GlobeLeash
Team members: Nadia Khandoker, Anita Boyle, Samaneh Mohandesi, Gregg Bennett, Thomas VanWinkle

Fifth Place: Sensor Based Gesture Recognition Device, sponsored by Texas Instruments
Team members: Andrew Coles, Alexander Scheuermann, Eric Chao, William Heiratifar, Ryan Westerman

Sixth Place: Cius File Link/App, sponsored by Cisco Systems
Team members: Jose Hinojosa, Lesley Lopez, Chelsie Weathington, Thang Ngo, Tho Nguyen