Student Responsibilities

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The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to produce graduates who will help make Texas the foremost electrical/electronics/computer industrial center in the world, to create significant individual and industrial growth opportunities, and to be - and to be recognized as - one of the premier electrical and computer engineering departments in the US. To achieve this mission, there are responsibilities held by students, faculty, and staff.


The University of Texas at Austin defines student responsibility as follows:

The student is responsible for seeking adequate academic advice, for knowing and meeting degree requirements, and for enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure orderly and timely progress toward a degree.

- From The University of Texas General Information Catalog

The faculty and staff in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hold these same beliefs of student responsibility. The Undergraduate Office is a point of contact for you in gathering the information you need to meet your responsibilities. Our academic advisors assist students in reviewing their progress toward the degree, clearing advising bars, answering questions about policies and procedures, and exploring educational opportunities; however, it is your responsibility to make sure you meet the day-to-day details of obtaining a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Five important things that will help you are listed below:

  • Become familiar with the Undergraduate Catalog and the General Information Catalog.
    These publications provide the rules and policies that govern your academic program, as well as degree requirements and course descriptions.
  • Read and understand the requirements for the degree you are interested in obtaining.
    These degree requirements can be found on both the Registrar's website and the ECE website.
  • Make sure you claim credit for AP tests and courses taken away from The University of Texas at Austin.
    The procedure for doing this is outlined on the Center for Teaching and Learning website for claiming AP credit. Instructions on how to transfer courses taken elsewhere into UT Austin can be found here.
  • Know the prerequisites for all classes.
    It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the necessary background for the courses you are taking. Check the Registrar's course schedule.
  • Be prepared to get help.
    Before coming to the Undergraduate Office it is important that you have your academic records up-to-date.

Faculty Advising for Upper Division Students

The goal of the Faculty Advising Program is to provide Electrical and Computer Engineering students that have completed the Basic Sequence a faculty mentor with whom they can discuss academic and career issues. It is with this assigned faculty mentor that you can discuss topics such as:

  • The short and long-term prospects for the technical area
  • The appropriateness of the pre-approved technical core courses for your interests and career goals
  • Adapting technical cores and the technical elective courses to meet your needs
  • Apply for your Technical Cores via the online form found here.
  • Within approximately five (5) business days, the student will receive a SAN from the Undergraduate Student Office stating the name of her/his assigned advisor.