Technical Cores / Technical Components

 2012-2014, 2014-2016, 2016-2018 catalogs use "Technical Cores". Students pick a primary and secondary tech core.

2018-2020 catalogs use "Technical Components". Students only pick ONE primary tech component. They don't have a "secondary", instead they have Free Electives (also known as Academic Enrichment).


Tech Cores: Students pursing a BSEE must choose a primary technical core (includes 8 courses) and a secondary technical core (includes 4 courses). Primary core options are chosen from Electrical Engineering technical cores or Computer Engineering technical cores. For the secondary technical core, students may choose any technical core, including Academic Enrichment. 
Tech Components: Students pursing a BSEE must choose an Advanced Technical Component (includes 8 courses) and 14 hours of Free Electives. Tech Components are chosen from Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering technical components.


Electrical Engineering Cores / Components
Computer Engineering Technical Cores / Components
*Students wishing to combine Data Science and Software Engineering will need to select Academic Enrichment as their secondary core and count the secondary core's courses toward Academic Enrichment coursework.
Academic Enrichment (optional secondary technical core)


Tech Core/Component Packet (Details required courses and electives) 
2018-2020 ECE Elective Offerings (Outlines elective courses offerings by semester)
List of Faculty Mentors 2018-2019 (Lists Faculty Mentors for each technical core/component) 


Step 1: Declare your technical cores/components here using the correct link below. Students are expected to declare by the time they complete EE 312 and EE 313.
Technical Core Selections Form 2014-2016 or 2016-2018 catalogs (to declare or change your technical cores)
Technical Component Selections Form 2018-2020 catalog only (to declare or change your technical component) 
  • You will receive a Secure Academic Note (SAN) confirming your technical core/component selections and assigning you a Faculty Mentor. You have the option to change your Faculty Mentor at any time -you can do so via the Qualtrics form. 
  • You are given the option to change your technical cores until your last semester of enrollment. If you decide to change your selections, please resubmit the correct Technical Selections Form (it depends on your catalog) and redo the steps on this page. Please think carefully before making changes to technical cores and see an advisor if you have any questions. 
Step 2: Meet with your Faculty Mentor.  It is recommended to meet with your Faculty Mentor for advice on technical core courses, research interests, graduate school options, and career goals. 
Tech Core ABET Advising Worksheet (Use this worksheet during advising on technical core courses with your faculty mentor)
Data Science and Information Processing Form (If you have selected Data Science as your PRIMARY technical core, complete this form with your Faculty Mentor and return it to the ECE Undergraduate Advising Office).
NOTE: Data Science & Information Processing will show as Software Engineering and Design in your degree audit. 
Step 3:  If choosing Academic Enrichment (AE) as your secondary technical core, please review guidelines and submit a survey on the Academic Enrichment website in order to have your AE courses approved and addedd to your IDA degree audit.