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In collaboration with the Engineering Student Services Office, the ECE Department provides opportunities for students to receive one-on-one personalized tutoring.  The ECE COMPASS Tutoring Program creates a collaborative environment that motivates each student to develop new study strategies that will better assist them with their EE coursework. 

Free walk-in tutoring is available for the following EE courses during the Fall and Spring semesters:

Course:    EE 302, EE 306, EE 312, EE 319K, EE 411, EE 313, EE 351K, and on a limited basis EE 325 and EE 339
Days:        Sunday - Thursday
Time:        7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Location:  Engineering Teaching Center II (ETC) Room 4.150

For more information, contact: Sharon Bressette

Eta Kappa Nu Tutoring

The ECE honor society, Eta Kappa Nu also provides FREE drop-in tutoring for ALL BASIC SEQUENCE courses.  Tutoring usually takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings.

See website for more information: http://hkn.ece.utexas.edu/

Sanger Learning Center

The Sanger Learning Center (www.utexas.edu/ugs/slc) provides FREE drop-in tutoring and study group tables available in Jester Center for Mathematics and Physics courses. Check with the Sanger Learning center for exact tutoring times. (www.engr.utexas.edu/undergraduate/services/tutoring/jester)

EOE Tutoring Program

The EOE Tutoring Program focuses on providing academic enrichment assistance to undergraduate students in the College of Engineering through 2 free hours of one-on-one tutoring per week for Basic Sequence and upper-division engineering courses. This program is by request and availability of tutors. The EOE Tutoring FAQ's.

Engineering Tutoring at Kinsolving

Where: Kinsolving Dining Hall
When: Sunday – Thursday, 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM
What: Free APPOINTMENT-BASED Tutoring for: Calculus, Engineering Physics, Chemistry

Sign up now: http://www.engr.utexas.edu/undergraduate/advising/tutoring/kinsolving

Engineering Study Tables

Where: Jester West 2nd Floor Cafeteria (J2)
When: Sunday – Thursday,  8:30pm-11pm 
What: Calculus, Physics, Chemistry
Visit website at: http://www.engr.utexas.edu/undergraduate/advising/tutoring/jester

Undergraduate Writing Center

The Undergraduate Writing Center provides professional advice on all aspects of writing.  Walk-ins are welcome.  The Center is located in the Flawn Academic Center (FAC). “Any UT Undergraduate. Any Writing Project. Any Stage of the Writing Process.”   Contact 512-471-6222 for more information.