UT Solar Vehicles Team

The University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team (UTSVT) is a student-driven effort to design, build, test, and race solar vehicles for the purpose of raising awareness of solar power, reinforcing skills learned in the classroom, and bringing solar power closer to practicality. To accomplish this task, we are a multidisciplinary group consisting not only of various engineers from the College of Engineering, but also of students from other colleges, like the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences. We build cars that are completely powered by the sun and enter them in local and national competitions. In addition to participating in races, the team spends a great deal of time participating in outreach events to educate the general public and K-12 students about the excitement of STEM careers with a focus on alternative energy.

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UT ECE is pleased to recognize the UT Solar Car Team's supporters who help make this event possible:

Plantronics Union Pacific 

2014 Competitions

2014 is an exciting year for UTSVT. For the first time, UTSVT will compete in two competitions back-to-back: The Formula Sun Grand Prix and the American Solar Challenge.

Formula Sun Grand Prix - July 14-19, 2014

The Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) is an annual track race that is held on grand prix or road style closed courses. This unique style of solar car racing is open to teams from around the world and truly tests the limits of the vehicles in handling curves, braking, and acceleration. The winner of FSGP is determined by the total number of laps completed over the three days of racing. More Information.

American Solar Challenge - July 21-28, 2014

The American Solar Challenge (ASC) is a multi-day, 1200-1800 mile cross-country road race across North America. The event is typically held every other year during the summer and is open to solar car teams from countries all over the world.  The winner of ASC is determined by the total elapsed time to complete the race route. This year's event will start in Austin, Texas and finish in St.Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. More Information

Support the UTSVT

Like any serious engineering endeavor, the task of building and racing a solar powered car requires a vast amount of material and financial resources. The UTSVT is not guaranteed any funding from the University of Texas at Austin, and therefore operates solely on the generosity of its corporate and private sponsors. 

UT ECE welcomes corporate and individual sponsors of the student organization, UTSVT and their race competition to help us be the best at the track! Sponsorships range from $1500 to $50,000 + and offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Strategic and broad brand visibility and recognition on all publicity including University web sites, press releases, and at the Formula One racetrack (including a digital billboard). Sponsor names on T-shirts and on the car is available, depending on the level of support.
  • Invitation to and recognition at the team dinner to meet the UT ECE and other competing teams
  • Option to present an educational demo or do a technical talk at the COTA track on race day
  • Opportunity to network with UT ECE students and faculty
  • Broad branding to the Austin community as an engaged thought leader.

To support The University of Texas and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, who sponsors the UTVST student organization, contact:

Nancy Hatchett

nph@austin.utexas.edu or by phone at (512) 471-7504

  • It is important to note transmittal information in text box, on check, or in accompanying letter to ensure your support is directed to UTSVT. Please note: “2014 UT ECE Solar Car Team"
  • Invoices and instructions for payment by check by request.
  • Give by credit card

Thank you for your support!

Behind the Scenes

Building TexSun

The University of Texas at Austin Solar Vehicles Team (UTSVT) build a new solar racing car for the upcoming Formula Sun Grand Prix in June 2013.

UT Solar Vehicle Team Competes in the Formula Sun Grand Prix

The University of Texas at Austin Solar Vehicles Team (UTSVT) raced its newest solar car, the TexSun, at the Formula Sun Grand Prix, June 24-29, 2013 at the Circuit of The Americas complex.“The Formula Sun Grand Prix challenges students to address areas of energy management, aerodynamics, fabrication and high-tech materials,” said Edgar Farrera, Circuit of The Americas’ director of sustainability. “We hope students’ involvement in this challenge inspires them to seek careers in these critical fields of study.”