2018 IEEE Information Theory Society James L. Massey Award

“The award recognizes outstanding achievement in research and teaching by young scholars in the Information Theory community.”  It is given annually to a single person. “The basis for judging shall be the research and teaching contributions of the nominee. Contributions to research will be judged by the perceived impact of the nominee on the field of Information Theory as evidenced by publications, patents, product development, research awards, and other tangible items. Contributions to teaching will be judged by evidence of new and innovative teaching methods, curriculum development with inclusion of current research, teaching/learning tools made available to students and faculty worldwide, textbook authorship, university teaching evaluations and awards, and innovative short courses and tutorials in fields of interest to the Information Theory community. In evaluating nominees, equal weight will be given to research and teaching accomplishments.”

Alex is being recognized for  "contributions to coding for distributed storage, content caching, and decentralized erasure codes" and  "excellence in teaching."

“The award is named in honor of James L. Massey, who was an internationally acclaimed pioneer in digital communications and a revered teacher and mentor to an entire generation of communications engineers. He was one of the outstanding researchers and leaders of the IEEE Information Theory Society over a period of 50 years.”

Award Category: 

  • IEEE Award

Year of Award: 

Alex Dimakis
Fluor Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Engineering #2
Associate Professor