Connect Program

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Work with a University of Texas, Austin, hands-on account manager to craft your campus strategy for recruiting top tech talent in Electrical and Computer Engineering. With access to more than 2200 undergraduate and graduate students in a top-10 ranked program, investing in mulitple touchpoints with targeted groups of students throughout the semester is recommended to boost your brand on campus.
Our Connect Program Partners enjoy the following suite of benefits for an annual contribution, or non-partners can arrange individual events for the fee listed in the chart below.
Event Annual Frequency Single Event Fee
Lobby Day One per academic year $2,000
Table in the EER atrium. Customizable content might include educational/technical demos, informal coffee chats with engineers, office hours, and food/swag giveaways. One company in lobby per day.
Hosting a successful Lobby Day
*Workshop/Hack Night One per academic year $1,000-4,500
Customizable hands-on teaching of software or hardware tools; team challenges and competitions.
*Tech Talk Unlimited $1,000
Focus on a relevant technology to your company's work; opportunity to showcase how potential new hires would impact your work in this area.
Hosting a successful Texas ECE Tech Talk
Grad Extravaganza One per academic year $1,000
Monthly graduate student networking event: one corporate host per evening session.
Winners Circle Social One per academic year $1,000
Join our ECE female students for social hour. Lead informal discussion on a topic in consultation with our program lead or present on women in the engineering workplace, career paths, etc. One corporate host per evening session.
Freshman Classrooom Session As available (fall only) open only to partners
Host a 50 minute session on a career topic: how to talk to reps at a job fair, opportunities for ECE students in your industry, the career path. Encourage students in their first semester to explore!
Custom Event One per semester $2,000-5,000
Be creative! Host a movie night, lunch and learn presentation, intern panel, interview prep session, open office hours. Celebrate International Women’s Day, Engineers Week, etc. with our students.















*These events must be cohosted by an affiliated ECE student organization.
  • $20,000 annual fee
  • $11,000 annual fee for small companies and non-profits
Membership program year aligns with the academic year, but companies can join any time. Partners can join mid-year one time for a reduced fee of $11,000, allowing for program benefits to be used during the spring semester. Small companies and non-profits can join mid-year for $5,500.
Connect Program for Startups
  • Free program for startups under 5 years and 1000 employees
  • One tech talk per academic year
  • Catering for events is not included and is the responsibility of the company to select, order, pay, and clean-up following the event.
View a list of our current Connect Partners.