Centaur Technology's Deep-Learning Coprocessor Technology

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
EER 3.646
Free and open to the public

Centaur Technology has been designing high performance x86 processors for over 24 years. Their latest design includes an industry-unique DL coprocessor that achieves high performance with minimum additional silicon cost. In addition to information about the design, Mr. Henry, who did the hardware architecture and implementation of this coprocessor, will provide insight into the important issues and design decisions behind the final architecture choices. Even though this design is running in silicon, no product has been announced; this is a technology description, not a product description.

This is the first public disclosure of the Centaur deep learning technology.


Glenn Henry

Glenn Henry joined IBM in 1967 and became the leading architect and software manager for several IBM systems, including the System/38, the RT/PC and AIX. He received major corporate awards for his work on the System/38 and AIX, and in 1985, was appointed an IBM Fellow. In 1988,  Mr. Henry left IBM to become Dell's first VP of R&D and later became a Senior VP & CTO at Dell. In 1994, he and three others left Dell to try to create a low cost Intel-compatible (x86) processor.  After wandering for a year, funding was procured, and Centaur Technology Inc. was formed in early  1995 with Mr. Henry as President. Twenty-four years and many shipped x86 processors later, Mr. Henry resigned as President and returned to his passions of architecture and design and is implementing the next generation DL hardware accelerator. His career is reflected in an oral history at the Computer History Museum, and in a documentary about Centaur ("The Rise of the Centaur").