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If you wish to apply for a Teaching Assistant position in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, you will need to fill out the TA application.

Please note that in order to be a TA you must be registered for a full time load (9hrs) for the semester that you will be a TA. 

Before you begin the application, please review the information below and make sure you know your status. The application will ask if you are exempt, certified, or need certification.

English Certification Testing

The State of Texas requires that all public universities in Texas provide a program to ensure that courses are taught clearly in English. In order to comply, UT Austin conducts English Certification for TAs (Teaching Assistants) whose first language is not English and who will hold positions with student contact. There are a number of exemptions to this certification, which can be found here (http://world.utexas.edu/esl/). The English Certification process includes an Oral English Proficiency Assessment and an International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Communication Workshop. In addition, some individuals may be required to enroll in a 3-hour ESL course that will count toward full-time enrollment (9 hours).

For International students and Permanent Residents whose first language is not English:
Please review the “For Students” section on the International Teaching Assistant English Certification website.

UT ECE must enter your name on the ITA website so you can schedule your first assessment online. UT ECE enters your information online only if you have an UT ECE TA offer. All first time TAs should see the UT ECE Graduate Coordinator in UTA 7.324 regarding exemptions.

Background Checks

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) to conduct criminal background checks as authorized by federal and state law and The University of Texas System (“UT System”) policies. This policy also requires an employee and other individuals covered by this policy to report any subsequent criminal convictions, excluding misdemeanor offenses punishable only by a fine, as specified in this policy. (Refer to Sec. VII.I –Self Reporting).

This policy applies to all University employees, including individuals in positions requiring student status. This policy also applies to final applicants to University positions, interns, volunteers, affiliated workers, contingent workers, students in programs with assignments in clinical health care, and in certain circumstances, contractors and their employees.

Read the complete Background Check Policy here

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