Compass Center (STEM/Diversity)


Partnering together, Texas ECE and industry partners are addressing the shortage of STEM, underrepresented minority (URM) and underserved populations in Electrical and Computer Engineering through a variety of proven student success components.
Join us in being a part of the solution.



The Need

  • Individual company and US national competitiveness require more graduates that are more proficient in STEM fields of study and more diverse in their backgrounds.
  • Engineering students need targeted support to overcome obstacles, build supportive communities and find satisfying work in a STEM field.
  • Retention and graduation impact is significant to the regional and national economy and business, which are experiencing a shortage of STEM talent to fill business needs.
  • Diverse and underserved populations often need customized services and support to achieve academic excellence.

A Partnership Solution

Comprehensive, interlocking Texas ECE Compass Center program components serve as an educational support system to graduate a more diverse, more proficient, and more productive labor force. From proactive student recruitment, summer bridge educational activities, mentoring and tutoring, to building communities of success, and providing an incentivized accelerated Masters in Engineering degree, the Texas ECE Compass Center offers a full cycle of proven strategies for academic and career success.

Mission of the Texas ECE Compass Center:

  • Proactively recruit the best and brightest high school students, with a focus on women and URM
  • Provide retention, readiness and early intervention programs to increase STEM graduates, with a focus on women and under represented populations
  • Empower the diverse ECE student body to be active learners, equipped to navigate the dynamic field of engineering and graduate industry-ready to contribute in a global economy
  • Build a community of staff, faculty and peers who are dedicated to proactively engaging with engineering students needing academic support
  • Address the mandate to increase student retention and four-year graduation rates from 51% to 70% with targeted academic programs that show measurable results
  • Provide all ECE students services to acquire skills so they may reach their full personal and career potential
  • Increase ECE graduates with a successful and productive entry into the workforce.

Join Us And Make A Difference!

The Texas ECE Compass Center relies on industry and alumni support and engagement to improve the demographics and success rates of our future electrical and computer engineers.

Please join Texas ECE and Halliburton, Phillips66, & ExxonMobil to make a difference as a thought leader in the STEM/Diversity domain by contacting Jennifer Campbell at for a fact sheet and more information.