Internal Event Request Form

To ensure that your event is approved and scheduled in the queue, please provide us with the following event information. For questions about this form or the content, please email or (512) 232-7916. A confirmation and copy of this form will be sent to you via email. Note the following:

  • Internal Events are processed on a first come/first served basis, based on receipt of complete information.
  • Plan your event as early as possible! A minimum of 1 week lead-time is required for catering-only requests. All other requests will need a minimum of 10 business days for fulfillment, and the more extensive the event needs, the more lead time may be required. Event staff can provide referral information.
  • Internal events require the attendance of the contact person noted on the form or a point of contact (POC) on the day of the event.

Contact Information

Event Details

Venue Spaces in EER: Auditorium and Conference Center, Multipurpose Rooms, ECE Medium Conference Rooms; as well as Texas Union Building; Student Activity Center; Outside Space on campus; San Jacinto Multipurpose Room; Etter-Harbin Alumni Center; AT&T Conference Center; Blanton Museum; etc.
Please specify the type of audience attending this event. Consider undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, alumni, external stakeholders, etc.


Please list any food vendors you are considering for catering, or the type of food you would like at your event.
Will alcohol be served at your event? If yes, will there be students attending under the age of 21 years old? (Resource: Special Alcohol Approval Form)
Clean up and Trash removal services may need to be requested through Facility Services, depending on preferred location. (Resource: Event Support Services)


(Resource: ECE Events):
(Resource: Special Events)
(Consider wireless access accounts, A/V equipment, power supply, extra tables/chairs, room set-up, etc.)
(Consider invitations, RSVP's, directional and event signage, communications, social media, etc.)