Data Storage


All ECE students have 4GB of network disk space available on Austin disk. Students should use this server storage instead of storing files on the local hard drive.  Local hard drives are not backed up and in some labs all data is lost when the machine is rebooted. To access this disk space, please visit


All ECE-LRC accounts are allocated 1GB of disk space. This space, also called "home directory," is accessible from any ECE-LRC workstation or server. The home directory is auto-mounted upon login to Linux workstations/servers.


I accidentally deleted a file from my ECE-LRC account, is there any way to recover it?

In most cases, the answer is yes. The ability to recover a file depends on what times it existed in your home directory, how long it existed, and how long ago you deleted it. For more information about file recovery, see the snapshot documentation.

UT Box

UT now offers Box Enterprise Service (UTBox) for all students, faculty and staff with an unlimited storage quota.  UTBox is a cloud hosted data storage service similar to Dropbox.  Unlike Dropbox, UTBox meets the security requirements for UT Confidential (formerly Category 1) data.  Dropbox and others do not and should not be used for UT Confidential data.

To get started with UT Box: 

Assistance with UT Box is available at