Lab Printing

Printers are available for student use. In order to print in the labs, students must have a Bevo Bucks account. To manage your Bevo Bucks account, please visit Students may also print from personal computers by downloading the appropriate print drivers from Students also have the option to print to any other printer on campus that operates via Bevobucks.

Due to the continued construction of the EER building, users will need to temporarily identify a UT Print service in a nearby location.  Please refer to nearby Engineering buildings for other available UT Print devices.

Printer Locations
ECJ 2nd Floor (near main entrance)

1 Black & White


New UTprint Solution

The new UTprint system is a convenient way to print documents on the UT Austin campus. Simply log in with your UT EID and print to one of the many printers available in labs and buildings.

UTprint: home page 
UTprint: printer locations

What do I need to do before I can print?
  1. Put money in your BevoBucks account.
  2. Be sure your student ID card is a proximity card; look for blue symbol on back lower left corner. The ID Center will replace an old student ID with a new proximity card for no charge.
  3. Register yourself by swiping your ID card at one of the UTprint locations on campus.
  4. Enter your UT EID and password.
Setting up my personal computer to print:
  1. Uninstall old ITS Printing Service drivers from your machine.
  2. Download UTprint Color and B&W drivers from the UTprint Driver Page.
  3. Install UTprint Color and Black and White drivers.
  4. When printing select UTprint B/W or UTprint Color.
  5. Pick up your print job at any UTprint location.

If you have any questions please contact: