Student Organizations

UTARC has a mission to enrich the educational experience of the University through the exploration of radio communications. Anyone who has an interest in radio theory, radio propagation, construction, practical communications, the Morse code, transmitter hunting, or competitive radiosport contesting is welcome! Want to learn how shortwave propagation works? Want to learn how to find hidden transmitters? Want to speak to people in distant lands? Want to reflect radio signals off the moon? Join UTARC and experience whole new worlds!

Eta Kappa Nu is a unique membership organization dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in the electrical and computer engineering fields. Members consist of students, alumni, and other professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments. Student members are selected on the basis of scholastic standing, character, and leadership. Through a variety of service programs and leadership training, student members develop lifelong skills that earmark them for prominent positions in industry and academia.

Founded in 1947, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Student Branch at The University of Texas at Austin is a student-run organization which promotes the interests of undergraduate and graduate electrical/computer engineering students on and off-campus. We host service events, coordinate opportunities to meet with corporate representatives, and facilitate networking between fellow electrical and computer engineers.

IEEE Communications Society is a club that focuses on networking and information security, from wireless technologies to data protection.

The IEEE Computer Society at The University of Texas at Austin works to connect students who are highly interested in the field of computer engineering with companies who can provide insight to this industry. We find it extremely important that students be exposed to real world engineering projects, and assisting them in this endeavour is an essential part of what we do.

The University of Texas at Austin branch of the IEEE Power & Energy Society is a student organization of engineers pursuing research, education, design, and development of electric power engineering. The society emphasizes renewable energy sources, but encompasses all aspects of power engineering: from the smallest scale power application, to power grid design problems, to power generation sources.

The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society @ The University of Texas – Austin inspires greater research into the field of robotics and aims to make robotics more accessible to persons of all ages and backgrounds.

The University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team is a student-driven effort to design, build, test, and race solar vehicles for the purpose of raising awareness of solar power, reinforcing skills learned in the classroom, and bringing solar power closer to practicality. To accomplish this task, we are a multidisciplinary group consisting not only of various engineers from the College of Engineering, but also of students from other colleges, like the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Natural Sciences.

Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WECE) is a student organization that fosters a community of undergraduate and graduate engineering women within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) through social, academic, and professional opportunities.