Texas Acoustics

The University of Texas at Austin and its surroundings form a community rich in resources and opportunities supporting education, research, and service in acoustics.

The University has supported education and research in acoustics since the 1930s and currently offers

  • Dozens of graduate courses, and several undergraduate courses, devoted entirely or at least in part to topics in acoustics.
  • Dozens of faculty and staff who have supervised graduate or undergraduate student research in at least onebranch of acoustics.
  • An interdisciplinary environment for study and research in acoustics that spans engineering, the natural, life and earth sciences, and the arts.

Study and research in acoustics at the University benefit from its diverse applications in local industries, businesses, and consulting firms, and the widely acclaimed Austin music scene.

Visitors on this website are welcomed to explore educational, research, and other opportunities in acoustics that are available both through the University and in the greater Austin community.