Spring 2016


Our mission at HomeSight is to provide a simple one-stop solution to the decentralized and outdated  real estate market. The goal of the real estate social platform is to modernize the outdated process of real estate home buying for first-time homebuyers and investors alike.

A Mobile and Tablet-based System to Enhance Dining Experience

The reQ application for mobile phones lets you join waitlists, contact waiters, and check out all from a mobile device. The reQ application for tablets lets waiters manage tables and view connected devices. By streamlining customer and waiter interaction, the app can help provide better service and increase the number of customers served per day. It is available on both iOS and Android. 

Digital Board Game

With digital isolation and digital boredom fracturing the family and friend circles, we propose that digital board games will help bring people back together again.

The Digital Board Game has a large 27" touchscreen and a single board computer at its core. It electronically reproduces classical multi-player board games. By presenting board games with the rich alluring media of high definition video and high quality sound, we have merged traditional entertainment with modern electronic devices. This enticing platform will motivate people to interact in groups again.

ModulAid: Modular Medical Device powered by smartphones

The goal of ModulAid is to provide basic first-world medical equipment such as thermometers, heart rate monitors, oximeters, etc. to everywhere in the world. Anyone with a smartphone will be able to simply plug ModulAid to their smartphone's headphone jack and start reading biometric data. Its low power capabilities allow the board to be powered solely by the smartphone.


Archer is the only mobile app that focuses exclusively on navigation for nearby. Whether you're looking for a friend at the park, or pasta at the grocery store, we'll guide you every step of the way. Just follow the arrow.

BLE Bike Lock

Bike lock opened with BLE/NFC to prevent on-campus bike theft.  Alarm if tampered with (i.e. lock cut/broken).  Controlled by Android and iOS app.
 Stretch goals – GPS tracking, “find my bike”

USB Power Delivery

Design and implement an adaptor plug that converts an existing computer adaptor such that it can charge new Type-C computers such as the latest MacBook or Pixel.  One issue to solve is that while the voltage of the adaptor can be measured, the amount of current it can supply cannot.  If this adaptor offers more current than the attached power supply can provide it could damage that power supply. The challenge is to find a solution for this.

Motor Controller for Solar Electric Vehicles

Develop a 3-phase motor controller inverter for use on a solar electric vehicle raced by The University of Texas Solar Vehicles Team in the American Solar Challenge.  The controller will interact with driver inputs (accelerator, brake pedal, etc.), a battery, and a 7.5 kW DC brushless electric motor to propel the car.  The motor controller must handle acceleration, regenerative braking, forward, and reverse directions, and must be compact and lightweight to improve efficiency.


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