We are currently providing all services remotely and are available through telework. 

ECE Advising Updates for Spring 2020:

The ECE Advising Office will be physically closed until further notice, but advisors will be accessible for online advising. 
Advising Appointments:
Please visit our advising appointment scheduler to set up an appointment.  If you are unable to set up an appointment, please contact the advisor for availability. Virtual advising will be conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams either on audio or video (instructions will be sent via email when you register for your appointment).
Q drops:
Please follow these guidelines: Schedule an advising appointment with any ECE advisor using the appointment scheduler. After you meet with an ECE advisor, please contact ESS: to finalize your Q drop process.  We are moving away from the paper copy format to ease the process.
Due to COVID-19, all UT undergraduate students have the option of taking their classes Pass/Fail (P/F) for the Spring 2020 semester. Please note the following P/F information:
  • Undergraduates have the option to take P/F in one course and receive a grade in another course; there is no limit to the number of classes for which you can take P/F.
  • Any and all classes for which you take P/F this semester (Spring 2020) will count toward your engineering degree requirements. This means if you get a “P” in a course, that course will still count towards your degree, and it will be acceptable as a pre-requisite. If you receive a "P", it will not impact your GPA. If you receive an "F", it WILL impact your GPA.
  • The final decision date to select P/F for a course/courses is May 29, 2020 by 5 PM (CDT). This decision deadline and time are firm and students will not be able to change after this date and time.
How to Request Pass/Fail:
To elect the P/F option, a student MUST do the following:
  • Formally request via email from their UT email address to requesting a change to P/F.
  • The student must include in this email request:
  • Full name, student’s EID, course(s) number and course(s) unique, and fully state a request to do P/F.
  • The final decision date to select P/F for a course/courses is May 29, 2020 by 5 PM (CDT). This decision deadline and time are firm and students will not be able to change after this date and time
Reservation of graduate course:
Peer Advising:
Our Peer Advisors are still available for quick questions and peer advising appointments online! Their schedules for Spring 2020 semester are Monday- Friday from 8am- 9pm. Please direct any and all peer-advising related inquiries to this email: and an ECE Peer Advisor will be happy to answer your question or schedule an appointment!
ECE ADVISING OFFICE: The mission of ECE Undergraduate Advising is to provide the advice, services, and resources needed for students to make informed decisions about their progress towards an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. 
Walk-in advising has been suspended until further notice. If you need to speak with an advisor, please make an appointment. 
For degree audit reviews, four-year planning, or other questions that require more time with an advisor, please schedule an appointment. Prior to scheduling an appointment, consult the information below to review specific areas of focus for each advisor.
  • Please visit this link to schedule an appointment with an advisor.* 
  • Faculty mentors are available for advising on technical elective suggestions, internships, career options, etc. A list of faculty mentors for each technical core area can be found here


  • Need a form? Check out our Forms page.  
  • Have general questions about our programs and procedures? Look over our FAQ page.
  • Are you a Non-EE major? Check out our Non-EE major page for more information. 



 Dr. Veronica Vasquez, Ed.D., Associate Director



Sharon Bressette, M.S., Undergraduate Advisor/Coordinator 

Contact for questions about tutoring services, minors (14-16 catalogs and earlier), pass/fail applications, degree audit overrides (other than Academic Enrichment), technical core course substitution forms, Data Sciences and Information Processing form, BSEE/MSE Integrated Program advising, and graduating student exit interviews.


Nikki Stinnette, M.A., Undergraduate Advisor

Contact for questions about Move Forward Program advising, probation advising/advising bars, EE 125S Internship course, EE x60 research course registration, and Graduate Assistant programs.


Yesenia RomanM.Ed.,Undergraduate Advisor 

Contact for questions about study abroad/foreign exchange advising, prerequisites verification, Academic Enrichment/ Free Electives, Undergraduate Advisory Board, and new student populations.


Caroline Carothers, Graduate Assistant         
    Caroline Carothers, Graduate Assistant.

  Contact for Q Drops, course planning for 1st and 2nd years, and general advising. 


   Nathaniel Sulapas, Graduate Assistant

  Contact for Q Drops, course planning for 1st and 2nd years, and general advising.