Undergraduate Admissions

Interested in applying? The UT Austin Office of Admissions makes all decisions regarding undergraduate admissions to the university. Applicants can communicate with admissions counselors about application status, decisions, campus visit event registration, academics, financial aid, and housing. 

Prospective freshman, transfer and international students are also encouraged to review additional information about entrance requirements and the admissions process on the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Undergraduate Admissions webpage.


Students interested in applying to  Electrical and Computer Engineering are encouraged to attend a Cockrell School Information Session. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering also schedules regular group sessions to provide information on our program and coursework. Search for the next available ECE Department sub-session

You may also request a visit with an ECE peer ambassador to provide you with information about our program and take you on a brief tour of our facilities. We ask that you request an appointment at least one week in advance. To schedule an appointment or for questions about our group information sessions, please contact us at ece-ambassador@utexas.edu

Note: Students under the age of 18 that haven't been admitted to UT must be accompanied to campus visits by a parent or guardian. 


Are you an external transfer student applying to UT Austin? Students are considered as transfer students if they have completed at least 30 hours of transferable credit from other institutions. UT Admissions manages the external transfer process and can provide you with information about application procedures, course requirements, etc. The Cockrell School of Engineering website details additional information about the transfer process. Please note the department only accepts 25 hours of ECE transfer coursework; this includes programming, circuits or other engineering courses. This restriction does not apply to general education requirements such as math, phyiscs, english or history coursework.

Are you an internal transfer student applying to change your major? The Cockrell School of Engineering manages the internal transfer process. Please visit their website for more information about course requirements, deadlines, and the transfer process.