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Autonomous UAV Navigation with Radar in GPS Denied Scenarios

Our project is a research initiative sponsored by Dr. Nuria Gonzalez- Prelcic that aims to deliver a system that uses a radar sensor to assist in autonomous drone navigation, specifically in Global Positioning System (GPS) denied scenarios. The usage of radar over camera provides several advantages including lighter computation and functionality in low visibility. We developed this project with the Robotics Operating System (ROS), which can be used to control a wide range of robotics in the real world and in simulation. The main purpose of radar is to provide position estimation of the drone in relation to its environment. This information is then fed into a motion planning package that will navigate the drone from a start to end point. Our system design is a proof of concept developed in a simulated environment due to time constraints and for more efficient testing.

Team Members: 

Logan Crow

George Doykan

Nicholas Jang

Ryan Mitchell

Ben Richards

Pratyush Singh