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Integrated Program

The Chandra Family Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to offer an opportunity for undergraduate students to accelerate their degree plans with the Integrated Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Engineering program option.

Students in the 22-24 catalog who complete the program will receive the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSECE): Integrated Option degree and a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree simultaneously after successfully completing the program.

The Integrated Program is a minimum total of 150 hours: 120 hours of the BSECE degree and 30 hours of the MSE program of work. While the BSECE portion of the combined degree is reduced (from 125 hours to 120); MSE degree requirements are unchanged relative to the existing MSE degrees.

Students can choose from existing MSE degree programs (including one built entirely of classes, one including a report, or one including a thesis).

Appointments for current Integrated Master’s students are available via EAB Navigate - or students may join the Integrated Drop-ins.

Schedule Advising Appointment

The Integrated application has closed for Fall 2024 enrollment. 


Upcoming Information Session

Spring 2024
Friday, March 29, 2:00PM
EER 1.518

Drop in Advising

We recommend students with questions about joining the program attend an information session prior to attending drop-in advising.
Integrated drop-in advising with Brittney Outlaw and Tom Atchity via EAB Navigate or Zoom:

Spring 2024

Every Other Wednesday, 1PM-3PM:

February 7
February 21
March 6
March 20
April 3 
April 17

Meeting ID: 934 8339 2878

Current Stage I students may schedule an appointment with Brittney Outlaw via EAB Navigate.

Stage I Application

Stage I admission is informal, and includes an evaluation only within the department. Students may apply when they have approximately one year remaining in the undergraduate program. Students with less than one year (2 long semesters) remaining in the undergraduate program are recommended to apply directly to a graduate program.  See the Integrated Program Guide and Frequently Asked Questions linked above for more detailed information. 

Enrollment Deadlines for Stage I

Fall Enrollment:

Application opens April 1
Deadline: May 1, 11:59pm

Spring Enrollment:

Application opens November 1

Deadline: December 1, 11:59pm

Application Requirements

For the first stage application, students should have completed all of the basic sequence coursework and at least 10 credit hours of upper division coursework in ECE, likely in the student's primary technical core (it is likely that the primary technical core will be related to the targeted graduate track, but this is not required). Students applying in the first stage must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0; admissions standards are likely to be much higher, but this minimum standard is required for registration in graduate courses as an undergraduate student.

The student should supply:

  • Short statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Name of a faculty member who is willing to serve as a reference for the student's application.*
    *PLEASE NOTE: Your Faculty member will not be submitting any letters as a part of this application. The admissions committee will reach out to the faculty member directly if they need to consult with them. 

Prior completion of graduate coursework is not required for Stage I applications.

We encourage students who are considering to apply to plan to register for a graduate course during course registration in their application semester. See “Stage I Students” below for instructions.

Stage I Application Deadlines

Fall Enrollment
Application Opens April 1
Deadline: May 1st, 11:59PM

Spring Enrollment
Application opens November 1
Deadline: December 1, 11:59PM

Current Stage I Students

While in Stage I, students are required to take 2 graduate courses that will be counted towards their MSE degree. Most students take 1 graduate course a semester in their final year of undergraduate study. 

Undergraduate students are permitted to complete a maximum of 4 graduate courses before they are admitted into graduate school (Stage 2). 

Course Registration

Stage I students are required to complete three steps and two DocuSign forms in order to register for graduate courses while in Stage I. See the Integrated Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Engineering Program Guide for detailed instructions.

  1. Stage I Course Advising Form
  2. Approval from instructor to take graduate course as undergraduate
  3. Reservation of Graduate Course for Graduate Credit

Note that this is a multistep process that requires permission from many different faculty and staff members.  Please carefully follow the instructions in the program guide. We encourage students to begin forms as soon as possible for timely processing.

Stage II Application

Stage II admission entails formal application to the UT Graduate School and occurs the semester before the student expects to complete the undergraduate degree requirements and one year before starting full time graduate coursework. Students typically apply to Stage II during their first semester enrolled in Stage I.

Application Requirements

To apply in the second stage, applicants must be currently participating in Stage I. Applicants must have registered for and completed or be about to complete at least one graduate course in the targeted graduate track. Applicants should be close to completing their Bachelor of Science degree (It is recommended that applicants have 20 or fewer credits remaining in their Bachelor of Science degree). This application includes formal application to the UT Graduate School but does not require submitting GRE scores.

Stage II Application Deadlines

Fall Enrollment
Deadline: December 15

Spring Enrollment
Deadline: May 15

Begin the application through the Texas ECE graduate admissions page.

Program Staff

Associate Department Chair for Academic Affairs: Dr. Andreas Gerstlauer

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Frank Register, Tom Atchity

Undergraduate Advisor: Brittney Outlaw 

Contact Us

Stage 1 Information and Applications: Brittney Outlaw 

Still have questions about Stage I? Please first review the FAQ or attend an info session, then feel free to visit drop-ins with Brittney Outlaw and Tom Atchity linked above. 

Current Stage 1 students may schedule with Brittney Outlaw via EAB Navigate. 

Stage 2 Information and Applications: Barry Levitch