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Encouraging Sustainable Mobility through Games in the Elementary Classroom

In the digital age of technology, children are becoming less mobile and active in their daily lives. Our project aims to use technology to encourage, rather than hinder, healthy habits in elementary-aged students through an interactive, visual, and educationally supportive web application. Through close collaboration with current elementary teachers, students, and industry experts, our team has developed an efficient system consisting of an easy-to-use RFID badging interface for students and an engaging game design which supports the classroom curriculum. We have plans to pilot this game system in a local Austin elementary school this summer for real-time feedback and further development, testing, and refinement throughout the next year.

Team Members: 

Grayson Barrett

Dylan Bray

Kevin Brill

Anjali Tewani

Charlie Yeng

Gui Zamorano

Grace Zhuang