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From CODE@TACC Outreach Program to ECE Degree

It is an exciting time for The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) graduates this month who are donning black caps and gowns as they graduate from one of the top 10 public universities in the country!

One of these amazing students is Jan Carlos Rubio, who just earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering. Rubio says

Atlas Wang

Atlas Wang has been named one of "AI's 10 to Watch" by IEEE

The magazine’s popular biennial award, established by the magazine in 2006 in honor of AI’s 50-year anniversary, celebrates young professionals for their early career accomplishments in a field that is also still rather new.


Researchers at UT Austin create computer chips that think like brains

Imagine a computer with a device in it that allows it to think like you think like a human. That reality is one step closer to mainstream adoptions thanks to researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. 

So far, the standard computer doesn’t have any thoughts, and algorithms do everything. Researchers including Dmitry Kireev and Jean Anne

Jean Anne Incorvia

Jean Anne Incorvia Speaks with Intel on AI Podcast

In this episode of Intel on AI host Amir Khosrowshahi, assisted by Dmitri Nikonov, talks with Jean Anne Incorvia about the use of new physics in nanocomputing, specifically with spintronic logic and 2D materials.
Jon Tamir

How new machine learning techniques could improve MRI scans

Jonathan (Jon) Tamir is developing machine learning methods to shorten exam times and extract more data from this essential — but often uncomfortable — imaging process.
Mental Health

UT is Working to End the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health and Offer Support


When the last slice of pizza had disappeared, the 30 students at the NAMI on Campus meeting quieted and turned their attention to their vice president, psychology junior Alexis McDonald. The agenda for this meeting in October 2018 included a talk about depressive disorders, followed by a National Alliance

new communication chip

UT-Austin researchers develop new communication chip to overcome poor signals in bad weather

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering are developing a communication chip that is able to send signals in harsh weather and over greater distances.

The team is developing this technology for military use in the Air Force, said Ray Chen, electrical and computer engineering professor. Chen, who is leading the research team, said the

Deji Akinwande

Graphene and Beyond: The Wonder Materials That Could Replace Silicon in Future Tech

Silicon is pretty great.

Testifying to its greatness is more than 70 years’ worth of steady progress in electronic computing, from the first primitive desktop calculators to that pocket-size supercomputer we call a smartphone.

Formulate silicon just right, shape it into a transistor, and it can be both a conductor and an insulator, depending on


Robots Have Become An Essential Part Of The War Against Covid-19

More recently, robots are being used for essential functions in the patient-care setting. Take for example Moxi, built by Texas-based Diligent Robotics.

EB Train

Reducing energy use in neural networks

Dr. Atlas Wang is part of a research team that has developed a novel energy-efficient method for training DNNs, based on so-called ‘Early-Bird’ (EB) tickets, called an ‘EB Train.’