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Prof. Robert Heath Awarded National Science Foundation Grant for his Work on Interference Modeling and Management for Heterogenous Networks.

UT ECE professor Robert Heath has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for his work on Interference Modeling and Management for Heterogenous Networks. Prof. Heath is the sole PI on this $313,000 grant.

The abstract for the grant reads:

Cellular system infrastructure deployment is becoming more heterogeneous including random deployment locations and more kinds of infrastructure. Using a mixture of macro, pico, and femto base stations, as well as fixed relay stations and distributed antennas, heterogeneous networks have the potential to break through the capacity bottleneck. While holding great promise, this potential has yet to be realized since the new infrastructure creates a different and challenging distributed interference environment.

This research develops new mathematical tools to enable a simplified analysis of cellular systems exploiting concepts from stochastic geometry and random shapes, to model the impact of random interference source locations, accounting for important environmental considerations. It uses these tools to analyze and develop interference management strategies for different proposed technologies including small cell networks with heterogeneous interference and large cell networks with many antennas. A main theme in the analysis and algorithms is the use of antennas to avoid, cancel, align, and otherwise mitigate the effects of interference -- even with limited coordination possible among transmitters.

Broader impacts of the proposed theory and algorithms are expected in diverse areas. The mathematical tools and fundamental theory will impact the understanding and design of communication systems taking into account the network geometry. The signal processing algorithms will pave the way for a new understanding of multiple antenna communication techniques. Industry impact will occur through the WICAT / Wireless Networking and Communications Group industrial affiliates incorporating research results into their wireless networking technologies. The project will foster the training of graduate students in course projects and will reach out to the community through public demonstrations.

Dr. Robert W. Heath Jr. is the David and Doris Lybarger Endowed Faculty Fellow in Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He is the Director of the Wireless Networking and Communications Group and Director of the Wireless Systems Innovations Lab. He is a Fellow of IEEE.