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Professor Al Bovik's Research on Breast Cancer Gains National Attention

UT ECE professor Al Bovik, along with Biomedical Engineering professor Mia Markey and PhD student Gautam Muralidhar, are gaining national attention for their work on breastcancer. Their research is focused on catching breast cancer early by modeling potentially cancerous formations in mammogram images.

From the Austin American- Statesman:

Al Bovik , a computer engineering professor working on the project, said the formations, called stellate lesions, can develop when cancer invades tissue in the breast, leaving an image that looks like a star as it is viewed through a telescope — a spot with radiating lines coming from it.

His team is creating algorithms to model these masses and match them in mammogram images, alerting physicians to potentially cancerous growths.

This algorithm would be a physician's assistant, Bovik said. It would be something that would cue u2026 the physician, 'Here are places that there is evidence of these'u2009 lesions.

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