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DC Motor Boosterpack and Cape

Our team has designed motor controller breakout boards for the BeagleBoard PocketBeagle and the Texas Instruments MSP432 LaunchPad. The goal of our project is to allow users of these boards to easily interface with and drive DC brushed, stepper, and servo motors. Each of our motor driver breakout boards has the appropriate hardware peripherals to drive the motors, is stackable, and is divided into four modules that allow for parallel motor control. Additionally, we are providing an open-source software library for each controller board which allows our user to call various simple motor functions to control their motors. There are many possible use cases for our design, since the breadth of projects for the PocketBeagle board and TI LaunchPads is almost limitless, which include hobbyist, prototyping, and educational applications.

Team Members: 

Bryce Cotner

Summer Gregurek

Bennett Treadwell

Mitchell Whitlatch

Texas Instruments