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Encrypted Bluetooth Audio Headset

The team created a Bluetooth audio system with high level encryption to allow to users to talk to each other without any fear of the Bluetooth audio being eavesdropped. Currently, Bluetooth devices can be hacked even with their built-in security because of notable flaws when connecting two devices together  Using highly secure 256-bit AES encryption, separate from the Bluetooth system, the team created a signal nearly impossible to decrypt over the air. The system is comprised of two headsets, interfaced using a codec audio circuit to a TI Simplelink microcontroller, that transmits to a second microcontroller to create a bi-directional audio system. The demo also includes a Ubertooth audio sniffer, that will be used to spy on a Bluetooth device and recover the data being sent.

Team Members: 

Bryan Boucher

Angel Gonzalez

Matthew Gutierrez

Josh Hershman

Michael Merrick

Jordan Newman

Texas Instruments