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Measuring Posture & Wellness with a PC Sensor

Our project’s main goal was to bring awareness to improper posture and eye strain during prolonged computer sessions by implementing a technological solution. To achieve this goal, our developed final product is comprised of a combination of hardware and software. The hardware solution utilizes an Arduino Nano to continually read data from a Time of Flight sensor and Thermal Camera. The processed data is fed into a UWP based windows application, where it shows a visual display of the information on a clean user interface. The software application will also alert users of insufficient distance and recommend periodic breaks to help reduce eye strain.

Through the use of our solution, users will be able to reduce eye strain and take necessary breaks during extended computer usage. We hope that our project can help improve the overall health of the everyday computer user.

Team Members: 

Phillip Asaju

Jonathan Downing

Kevin Lee

Kevin Sheu

Kevin Tian

Patrick Zhu