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Polychaete Worm Bio-Inspired Robot

Team H10 presents a novel soft robot design based on the anatomy of the Polychaete worm. The goal of this project was to demonstrate the potential of a soft robotic design to traverse over a variety of terrains. The novelty of Team H10's idea utilizes the material properties of shape-memory wires to imitate the worm’s repeating muscular structure, and a Central Pattern Generator (CPG) algorithm to mimic the crawling and burrowing gaits of the Polychaete species. A new frame design is also introduced to accommodate the shape-memory wire configuration. This research project hopes to further the efforts and research in robotic design, and possibly lay down some groundwork for future endeavors in soft robotics.

Team Members: 

Raiyan Chowdhury

Audrey Gan

Timberlon Gray

Huy Pham

Ashkan Vafaee

Alice Yau