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Texas Instruments IoT Development Board

The field of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) consists of any items with wireless communication capabilities. This includes devices like smart TVs, smartphones, some wireless home security systems, and much more. Many of these devices communicate across frequencies like Bluetooth and WiFi. Because these networks are having to support an exponentially increasing number of smart devices, their frequencies are becoming cluttered and the risk of becoming overloaded and slowing down continues to increase. So, Texas Instruments (TI) developed their CC1310 microchip, which operates over a variety of frequencies below 1GHz. One of the most desirable reasons for communicating over a Sub-GHz frequency is that the transmission range is much longer, and it consumes less power than its higher frequency counterparts. TI implemented their CC1310 chip in a number of their circuit boards, but prior to our project, they were all a bit larger than most developers desire. Thus, TI tasked us with creating a small circuit board which implements their chip, but in a more compact form factor, while maintaining most of the same features as their larger boards.

Team Members: 

Michael Arthur, Jr.

Tommy Gilbert

Kamish Momin

Matt Prost

Jacob Valencia

Andrew Yu

Texas Instruments