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Traffic Controller for UAVs

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have the potential to be used in large-scale applications of delivery or automation. Because of this, there may be a large amount of air traffic with the potential for crashes. This creates the need for a traffic controller. Our team’s solution is a scaled-down prototype of a larger system’s traffic control framework. Our design solution is to schedule and control two drones at once with the ability for an individual drone to land when a rogue object such as a drone has potential to collide with it. Our system is comprised of three drones, a WiFi router, a user interface, a scheduling module to create paths, an object detection module to detect obstacles, and a server to connect the software modules. Lastly, this is simply a framework of what could be used on a larger-scale, and still has aspects that need to be scaled according to a specific application’s needs.

Team Members: 

Yazan Alatrach

Enoc Balderas

Evan Davies

Abraham Kim

Michael Lawrence

Bertrand Zhang