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Configuring and Executing Natively Compiled Control Modules

Emerson, a leader in industrial automation solutions and commercial and residential electrical products, proposed a project that would explore the feasibility of taking scripts with a specified syntax and format and converting them into a high level programming language. The intent of this project was to have the capability of performing a preliminary comparison between the execution times of the proposed solution against the current performance of their DeltaV line of embedded systems for industrial applications. With a proposed solution, Emerson will utilize the work conducted in this project to begin development for a replacement of their current strategy, which involves continuously interpreting these types of scripts during execution. As a result, we approached this problem by developing a system that will translate each script into C code once and then process it through a cross-compiler to run on an ARM-based microcontroller. During testing, our proposed solution has shown a performance increase of more than a hundred-fold when compared to the simulated performance of the current DeltaV systems.

Team Members: 

Arvin Bhatti

Zachary Chilton

Andy Hoang

Tristan McDaniel

James Orr

Emerson Automation Solutions