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Frictionless Entry

Our project is based around the idea of frictionless entry, meaning all authentication should occur automatically with little to no action on the user’s part. Our solution to this revolves around the idea of multi factor authentication - that is using multiple levels of security to authenticate the user. Our solution is divided into 3 subsystems - The Smartphone, Cloud DB, and Gate. These subsystems work together to provide secure, yet frictionless entry. As a big picture, the User’s journey is as follows. The user will have a smartphone and a wristband. They walk up to an entry point and scan their wristband. Then the authentication computation will happen on thecloud, and grant access if the request is approved.

Team Members: 

Ishraq Hasan

Sakar Khadka

Shishir Khadka

Prajwal Pokharel

Sebastian Robles

Dilan Samarasuriya

Jason Stephen

Nokia Bell Labs