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Self-Monitoring Stress Device

College students regularly experience stress, but it is difficult for them to track and manage it. High stress levels have a negative impact on emotional and mental health, resulting in frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed, and difficulty sleeping. Our team hopes to provide a solution to this increasing dilemma of stress management in college students with our design project: a self-monitoring stress detection wearable.

Our device uses sensors to measure heart rate and galvanic skin response which are physiological indicators of stress. Interfaced with a Texas Instruments microcontroller, the sensor data is sent to an iOS application. Using the mobile app, the user can view their data and try some stress reducing activities. Our goal is to provide students with a way to track their stress levels. By seeing how certain lifestyle changes might affect these levels, we hope students learn to manage their overall health better.

Team Members: 

Matthew Barondeau

Harini Cherupalla

Matthew Davis

Angelos Koulouras

Sneha Pendharkar

Neha Shah