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Undergraduate Teaching Platform

The Undergraduate Teaching Platform Team seeks to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate electrical and computer engineering (EE) students at the University of Texas at Austin by unifying the curriculum of the two introductory EE courses: EE 302, Introduction to Electrical Engineering and EE 306, Introduction to Computer Engineering.

We will accomplish this through our software platform, which allows students to run LC-3 programs on the Texas Instruments LaunchPad to control hardware peripherals, such as motors and sensors, used in the final robot car lab of EE 302. As part of this platform, we will provide a terminal-based debugger that will allow users to step through their programs, set breakpoints and watchpoints, and view and modify the contents of memory, registers, and simulated peripherals.

Team Members: 

Rahul Butani

Amr El-Azizi

David Gipson

Pranav Rama

David Rollins

Jerry Yang

Jerry Zhang