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Vocalitics is an interactive meeting analytics tool that helps target inclusivity, productivity and efficiency issues faced by teams in corporate meetings. Team leaders can upload meeting audio files onto the Vocalitics web-app, which then works to draw insights and take notes on various aspects of a meeting. These insights include a comparison of the speech time of each participant using voice recognition, the dominant sentiment(s) of the meeting, and the sentiments of the meeting as they change over time. These insights are displayed statistically and graphically on the web-app. Additionally, Vocalitics provides note-taking functionality by performing speech to text translations, which renders a formatted and speaker-labeled transcript; automatically scheduling action items on Google Calendar by detecting key phrases throughout the meeting; and displaying the most frequently spoken words in a word cloud. By delivering all of these features into one seamless platform, the Vocalitics team hopes to drastically improve the quality of everyday corporate meetings.

Team Members: 

Anushree Biradar

Allison Crow

Aimun Khan

Nimay Kumar

Karim Sabar

Iva Sadler