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Wireless Sleep Monitor

The Wireless Sleep Monitor (WSM) is a non-contact device used for measuring a user's heart rate and respiration rate over a period of sleep. Using a millimeter-wave radar on the XWR1843 EVM Board from Texas Instruments, the WSM collects signals from body displacement during sleep and records the processed data. Heart rate and respiration rate data is tracked and stored for user display through the WSM web application. Through the web application, a user can view a graphical visualization of a particular night's sleep, calculated analytics of their sleep (including total sleep time, average and maximum/minimum heart rate, average and maximum/minimum respiration rate, heart rate dip, etc.) and record any disruptions themselves. Overall, the device acts as a novel, nonintrusive system to record and display vitals to a user so that they may monitor their health and body over a period of sleep.

Team Members: 

Adam Ali

Andrew Han

Rabia Khan

David Lok

Brooke Paxman

Nithanth Ram

Kayla Tran

Texas Instruments