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ECE Undergrads Show Off at Senior Design Open House

The EE 464 Senior Design Contest winners for Spring 2011 were recently awarded by Prof. Gary Hallock at the Senior Design Open House on Thursday, April 28th. First place went to the H.A.N.D. team of Benjamin Jaiyen, Jason Lii, Ophelia Chaio and Varun Koyyalagunta. Congratulations to all the participants for putting on a great open house.

All Winners:

1st Place

Benjamin Jaiyen, Jason Lii, Ophelia Chaio and Varun Koyyalagunta
Supervised by Dr. Alan Bovik

2nd Place

Music Suit

Marcelo Quijano, Joshua Sayers, Jonathan Lim, Brian Bonnet and Luis Pantoja
Supervised by Travis Forbes

3rd Place

Motorized Motion-Controlled Display
Christopher Koelling, Edward Wang, and Sarathi Sathasivan
Supervised by Tejas Ganapeth

4th Place

Bomb Sniffing Robot
Kirtan Patel, Chryl Poag, John Walthour, Hieu Trung Nguyen, and Gupta Lahar
Supervised by Travis Forbes

5th Place

Life Rider Bicycle Safety System
Wasiq Sehikh, Robert Strong, and Ammar Aijazi
Supervised by Romain Fleury

Sixth Place

Visible Light Communication

Carlos Esteva, Jachson Massey, Blake Levy, and Kelly Cook
Supervised by Dr. Robert Heath and Kien Troung

See photos of the projects and open house here.