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EE 464 Senior Design Winners Announced

The EE 464 Senior Design Contest winners were recently awarded by Prof. Michael Becker. First place went to the Project BLOX team of Daniel Cleary, Ankita Kaul, Jesse Tannahill and Zachariah Wasson. Congratulations to all the participants for putting on a great open house.

First Place:
Project BLOX
Daniel Cleary, Ankita Kaul, Jesse Tannahill, Zachariah Wasson

Second Place:
DRMR: Drum Replicating Music Robot
Danwei Yuan, Andrew Wang, Kenaz Kwa, James Butcher

Third Place:
Aero Turtle
Harrison Pham, Christopher Wiley, Akash Thacker, Kyle Miller, Yves Santos

Fourth Place:
Virtual Reality
Alex Hearn, Marco Ponti, Michael Renken

Fifth Place:
Electromagnetic Guitar
Robert Cox, Ryan Barnhill, Timothy Oswald, Kevin Nygaard, Cesar Medrano

Sixth Place:
The Monopoly Game System
Wilson Santos, Mora Asadi, Patrick Babin, Dennis Guevara, Phil Kang