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Patt and collaborators from UT and Intel Receive Best Paper Award at Micro-45

Professor Yale Patt, his PhD students Khubaib, Hashemi and former studentSuleman, and Intel engineer Chris Wilkerson have received the Best PaperAward at the 45th annual IEEE/ACM Symposium on Microarchitecture(aka Micro-45), held in Vancouver, BC in December, 2012. Micro is consideredthe flagship conference in the field of microarchitecture and one of the toptwo conferences in computer architecture.

Professor Patt and his collaborators were honored for their paper MorphCore:An Energy-Efficient Microarchitecture for High Performance ILP and HighThroughput TLP. The judges' citation reads: This paper was selected for thebest paper award, based on conceptual novelty and anticipated long term impact.It attempts to solve a general problem: that of balancing single-threadperformance against throughput performance using a single morphable core.The approach is different from prior work in that the starting point is acomplex core, from which an energy-efficient, multi-threaded core issystematically (or justifiably) derived. The research was supported bya gift from Intel Corporation.

One of the two runners up for the Best Paper Award at the conference this yearwas co-authored by one of Yale's former PhD students at UT, Dr. MoinuddinQureshi, who is currently an Associate Professor of ECE at Georgia Tech.