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Prof. Alex Dimakis Gives Plenary Talk at Canadian Workshop on Information Theory

Prof. Alex Dimakis of Texas ECE will be one of the three keynote speakers at the 15th Canadian Workshop on Information theory to be held in Quebec City, Canada, June 11-14th. 

The talk, entitled 'Coding and Femtocaching for Wireless Content Delivery' will build on prior joint work with his former UT Phd student Karthikeyan Shanmugam who is currently a research fellow at IBM and Antonia Tulino from Nokia Bell Labs. Dr. Dimakis and collaborators introduced the idea of femtocaching i.e. adding storage in wireless basestations to create a content delivery network (CDN) on the wireless edge. Femtocaching has been recently combined with coding and has shown tremendous potential benefits for wireless content delivery. The methods used to create such codes for caching involve tools from combinatorics, graph theory and coding theory. 

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