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Prof. Yale Patt Featured in Daily Texan Article, Receives Franklin Medal

Prof. Yale Patt was recently featured in a Daily Texan article in recognition of being the recipient of the  Benjamin Franklin Medal by the Franklin Institute in April.  Each year, the Franklin Institute — a museum of science and technology in Philadelphia — publicly recognizes achievements in science and technology through its Benjamin Franklin Medals. Patt, one of six people in the nation to receive the medal this year, won it for his work in expediting computer processes. 

“When you write a program, the program executes the instructions one after the other,” Patt said. “But not every instruction depends on the previous instruction. There are lots of things that can be going on at the same time.”

Rather than waiting for individual steps to be done in order, Patt and his team provided the structure on chips that follow instructions whenever data is ready so that multiple processes can happen at once.

“We can get everything done much quicker because there are lots of things going on simultaneously,” Patt said.

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