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Professor Deji Akinwande Authors New Book on Nanotubes and Graphene

UT ECE Professor Deji Akinwande and Stanford Professor Wong have co-authored a new book called Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Device Physics. This is the first introductory textbook covering the properties and performance of practical nanotube devices and related applications. All the fundamental concepts are introduced, so that readers without an advanced scientific background can follow all the major ideas and results. Additional topics covered include nanotube transistors and interconnects, and the basic physics of graphene. This is an ideal textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in semiconductor device physics and nanoelectronics. It is also a perfect self-study guide for professional device engineers and researchers.

I strongly recommend this text book to students, engineers and researchers... Readers, interested in graphene and carbon nanotube based devices, have the possibility to train themselves on the hottest topics and challenges which will pave the future of nanotechnology. - Simon Deleonibus, ST Microelectronics

It is available for purchase here.