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Professor Jeffrey Andrews Publishes New 4G Cellular Book

Fundamentals of LTE, the most accessible and complete tutorial on the LTE standard for 4G cellular, hits bookstores on September 13. This book is the result of a long-standing collaboration between Dr. Arunabha Ghosh and Rias Muhamed of AT&T Labs and Prof. Jeffrey Andrews and his former student Dr. Jun Zhang, whose dissertation research was on multiuser and networked MIMO techniques and their application LTE, and was supported by AT&T Labs.

Andrews, Ghosh, and Muhamed previously co-authoredFundamentals of WiMAX, which was published in 2007 also by Prentice-Hall, and became the definitive WiMAX text and one of the best-selling wireless textbooks of the last decade.

Dr. Reinaldo Valenzuela, Director of Wireless Communications Research at Bell Labs calls it excellent...A comprehensive and in-depth treatment of what is likely to become the dominant world broadband wireless standard.

It is available for purchase here.