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Senior Design Open House Fall 2011 Winners Announced

The EE 464 Senior Design Contest winners for Fall 2011 were recently awarded by Prof. Michael Becker at the Senior Design Open House on Tuesday, November 22nd. First place went to the Checkers Solver Android app by Arthur Ishiguro, Farhad Abasov, Kevin Scholz, Alexander Yeah and Jung Hoo Lee. Congratulations to all the participants for putting on a great open house.

View Pictures from the event here.

1st place
Checkers Solver Android app using Snapdragon MDP
Arthur Ishiguro, Farhad Abasov, Kevin Scholz, Alexander Yeh and Jung Hoo Lee

2nd place
Realtime Indoor Navigation System
Nicholas Carneiro, Rohan Singhal, Merwan Hade, Timothy Osborne andHarish Rallapalli

3rd place
Multi-Sensor Robotics Platform
Jonathan Pham, Joshua Schulte, Pohan Wu, Mesele Bedasa andPritesh J. Solanki

4th place
Assembly Guide Android app using Snapdragon MDP
Carlos Bencomo,Aravind Kannan, David Holcomb and Yinzhe Lu

5th place
Retrograde View Endoscopic Attachment
Long Vu Duong, Thomas Jung,Joshua Jagnanan,Ahmed Chatila andJuihee Sharma

6th place
Automatic Videoconferencing System
Michael Anderson,Hetal Kukadia, Buthaina Alshamsi, Maribel Montes andAigul Botabekova