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Sound Steer

Harman International is a global speaker company that has developed a “sound steering” technology to send speaker output to people in a room directly rather than blanketing an entire room. Therefore, they have tasked our team with finding a solution for tracking people. Consequently, our project consists of two novel ways to detect and track people in an indoor environment. Our first solution utilizes light detection and ranging technology, better known as LiDAR. A LiDAR sensor lies on the ground, and a software component we have written finds clusters of laser points that form the outline of a person’s leg. When two clusters identified as legs are found to be moving with the same direction and speed, a person is successfully identified and tracked in real-time. Our second solution utilizes 3D point cloud technology. A program we have written takes in a point cloud, or a visualized spatial depth image, from a sensor and then tries to segment objects and find people among those objects based on machine learning training.

Team Members: 

Cooper Carnahan

Patrick Guha

Kevin Mao

Hans Xu

Harman, A Samsung Company