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Using Renewable Energy to Supplement Power to a Laptop

Our project requires us to get energy from a renewable resource, and use it to supplement power to a laptop at a constant 19.5V/45W output. We decided to use solar energy because it was the most accessible and provided energy consistently. Our solution focuses on taking varying levels of energy and converting it to a constant output of energy. We do this by charging up a lithium-ion battery and then discharging the battery into the laptop. Using the battery as a mediator between the solar panel and laptop ensures that we get a stable power output. The switching logic and transistors in the power electronics are controlled by our microcontroller - an Arduino Uno. Although the virus outbreak interfered before we could finish the device, we have created simulations and ran many tests to create a comprehensive feasibility report.

Team Members: 

Eric Cen

Rafael Herrejon

Stuart Lyons

Ally Reznicek

Samuel Speece

Patrick Swanson

Kristina Yu